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Ferrari Dino 246

Looking at this car today it’s strange to think that this good looking, mid-engined and Ferrari built car wasn’t originally badged as such.  A car who’s DNA is so apparent even in Ferrari’s most recent sports cars was at the … Continue reading

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Under the Radar (Ferrari 456)

Four seater Ferraris are hardly a secret but overshadowed by their two seater counterparts they seem to fade into the mists of time.  Sometimes this is for good reason, the awkward looking 308 GT4 or the 400i anyone?  However, Ferrari’s … Continue reading

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Seeing Red – the Ferrari Dilemma

Fast, expensive and usually red, a Ferrari is the definitive poster pin-up.  Little wonder then that a Ferrari is on many car fans’ wish lists and the extravagance of owning a Ferrari is a bold statement of wealth, signifying that you have ‘arrived’.  … Continue reading

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