Seeing Red – the Ferrari Dilemma

Fast, expensive and usually red, a Ferrari is the definitive poster pin-up.  Little wonder then that a Ferrari is on many car fans’ wish lists and the extravagance of owning a Ferrari is a bold statement of wealth, signifying that you have ‘arrived’.  However, there is a problem with this mass appeal, first off, if you ever actually buy a bright red Ferrari (there is only one reason for doing so – to show off) then you will pretty much be hated by everyone!  A bit harsh perhaps!  But since your friends are also likely to have strong feeling for the prancing horse then through jealousy they will start to loathe it, pray someone will key it or will just stop calling you!  Secondly, the other problem with buying a bright red Ferrari is that people will think you are about as imaginative as the Ferrari is slow!  ‘Typical’ is what they’ll say, ‘flash git’ is what they’ll call you, ‘just jealous’ is what you’ll think!  You might be thinking ‘What’s this guy got against Ferraris?’ well to tell the truth I actually really like them.  They are fantastic machines that (usually) look and sound as well as they perform but in order to keep my friends and my credibility I think I would probably go for a blue one…or black…or grey…or burgundy….

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