Coup-eh? (Mercedes E-Class Coupe)

Extravagant, effortless, evocative, there are lots of E’s we can use to describe the new E-Class Coupe, it certainly is the more elegant than the CLK that preceded it and is pitched as a more luxurious car too. I like the way the rear arches are subtly flared with a shape reminiscent of Mercedes of old. I also like the high-quality gadget-laden interior, the designers really have attention to detail which …… ! …… Eh? Oh dear, I’ve just spotted those little extra rear windows! This annoys me a bit, why go to all the trouble of making a car and marketing it as a luxurious coupe when such an obvious design flaw is so apparent?! Ok, so it’s not the end of the world, but I do think it spoils the effect somewhat. The kind of people who buy these cars strive for perfection in their lives and I suspect they won’t be a big fan of the extra little windows. ‘Are these supposed to go down?’ People will ask and you will have to explain that unfortunately the location of the fuel tank has meant that you end up with a nearly-pillar-less coupe. This ruins it rather! Oh well, I really like it apart from those windows (and the LED running lights on the sport model!)

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