Lo-cost Lotus

Impractical, unreliable and in a revolting colour what is there not to love about this Lotus? Seriously though, this non-turbo Esprit has a lot going for it! This is the third revision of the Esprit also known as the S3 which means it has a 2.2 litre engine and a galvanised chassis which was known to suffer with rot on earlier, non-galvanised models. Also, this particular car has just had an engine rebuild costing seven thousand pounds and actually I quite like the colour despite being ‘bile-yellow’. So although not the most rapid of the Esprits it represents a sensible buy and the price is an unbelievably reasonable £4995! So grab yourself a slice of 80’s handmade supercar exotica but you’ll have to hope that you won’t be the one to foot the bill for the next engine rebuild, ouch!

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