Lights out…

…go go go!  First post of granblogismo and thanks for taking the time to read it!  We live in a fascinating time, over one hundred years of the car have passed and we have a fanstastic and diverse history of civil motoring and motorsport.  Now after a relatively unremarkable decade or so we now seem to be seeing new and exciting cars which are reminiscent of the great classics and also of the same calibre.  However, a change in attitude and social responsibility towards climate change has meant manufacturers are under pressure to produce greener cars for the greater good.  Are our great boys toys under threat?  Or is this a natural evolution where a new breed of fun, exciting and evocative vehicles will be created? Will our beloved classics be taxed off the road and into a museum?  Or even financially encouraged onto a scrap heap?  Whatever happens we’ll be along for the ride with some hypocrtical, biased and factually incorrect blogs 😉 which I hope you will enjoy!

Mark Gibson (Gibbo – granblogismo admin)

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