The Elusive Exclusive

Picture the scene, you have a reasonable amount of money to spend on a shiny new sports car, you will no doubt want something that will mark you out amongst your peers perhaps?  Something which identifies you as person of good taste maybe?  Or something that is a symbol of your success?  Imagine the sheer disapointment then after driving your new pride and joy home to find everyone else already has the exact same one!  Walking around the city of London and the surrounding residential areas it feels as though I’m knee deep in Porsche 911s and Aston Martin Vantages (there are four or five down our road), just think of all those devastated investment bankers and stock brokers who wanted something to brag about but ended up just being on a level playing field with their colleagues.  Perhaps thats the point, perhaps the Porsche or the Aston are the rich folks iPhone, another must-have gadget?  And what gadgets they are!  Very capable cars indeed, great looking (unless you opted for the convertible Porsche) and realistic daily drivers too, so maybe thats the problem, these cars are the victims of their own success, no longer the exclusive poster pin-up but the background noise.  So what is the answer? If I were one of the pinstriped go-getters I would use my imagination and go for something a little older, a little rarer and a little cheaper (suggestions to follow)!  Then I could use the cash I saved to get taxis around town, much less hassle after going out for drinks at Davy’s and after six months you won’t have to sell last-season’s stock…

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