The good, the bad and the Audi

I’m not saying the Audi A5 is ugly, by doing so I would be giving it a distinguishing feature. I’m afraid it’s much worse than that; I don’t think the Audi A5 has any character. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the A5 is perfectly capable, reliable, passes emissions tests and even fairly quick in some specs. However, it just doesn’t excite me, the design is safe in as much as it looks like a three door A4 which is a popular car but this makes it bland. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be the sporty alternative but from the outside I can’t really tell what it’s supposed to be. Ok, so the S5 has some trim that hints at the performance, twin exhausts for instance and big wheels but the other models seem to exist just because they have the parts available. If it’s supposed to be a sporty drive then why offer it with a small petrol or diesel engine? If it’s supposed to be a luxury coupe where is the luxury over and above the entry level A4 saloon? I believe that a car says something about the owner and I’m afraid the A5, especially in non-sporty trim says that you like to think about driving a sporty coupe but you care too much about being sensible or don’t have the imagination to jump from your saloon to something too different. I’ve probably ranted too much already but I walk past the car in the picture below every day and it’s a prime example of what I dislike about the car; the colour should look understated but it just looks dull, it has a puny engine and the interior could be from a nineties VW Golf! For me the A5 seems like a coupe in the Audi range for coupes sake which they know will sell even if it is pretty unremarkable!

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