Shooting Stars

I’ve always been a fan of shooting-brake cars, from the Volvo P1800 ES to the BMW Z3 M Coupe; they are satisfyingly different which (for me) brings a certain level of appeal.  The term ‘shooting-brake’ was first used to describe luxurious but practical vehicles in which the wealthy gentry could carry their hunting equipment in.  Nowadays it is used to describe a two door sports car or coupe which has an estate-like rear end.  This may sound strange and does divide opinion, but this is the great thing about the shooting brake style, since it has never really been ‘in fashion’ it’s a left-field choice and a statement of individuality.  Are we about to see a change?  Well, with the arrival of the very shooting-brake Ferrari FF we may see a wave of this style car break into the mainstream.  In the next few posts I’ll cover some of my favourites.

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