Cut, colour, clarity and carat… (Alfa Romeo 4C)

… the four C’s (used for measuring diamonds) share their name with the new prototype sports car from Alfa Romeo (the 4C) and what a gem it is!  The cut or shape is quite typical of a mid-engined car, the low, short nose and high rear haunches give away the location of the engine.  The bodywork details are reminiscent of the Alfa 8C, albeit exaggerated, with oversized rear lights and a plunging ‘V’ bonnet crease ending with the trademark badge and grille.  Colour, Alfa have released a new type of soft-touch paint on  this car ‘Lava Red’ and where other manufacturers are experimenting with flat and matt paint this promises a more silky quality, if the press pictures are anything to go by it looks impressive.  Clarity, the ethos behind the car is cutting edge Italian style without sacrificing performance.  Using top-end technology such as an automatic twin dry clutch and Alfas punchy but frugal 1750cc engine send the car from zero to sixty m.p.h. in under five seconds.  This wouldn’t be possible without the final ‘C’, carat or weight is drastically reduced by using carbon fibre for the body instead of metal and the underpinnings are made from aluminium rather than steel.  There is a fifth ‘C’ which will be familiar to anyone on the business end of a looming engagement, cost, I have my fingers crossed that the 4C will make it into production but with a carbon fibre body it certainly won’t be cheap.  If they do decide to pitch it at a lower price by using alternative materials (I’m thinking between Audi TT and Porsche Cayman money) I hope they don’t lose sight of what makes this car so appealing, great looks with the performance to back it up.

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