MGB Maintenance – Part 3 : 6000 Mile/6 Month Service

Part 3 of my MGB Maintenance videos, this time going through the 6000 mile or 6 month service. This is the interval advised by the ‘official’ drivers handbook but may not make sense to you based on how much you use your car, also, as cars get older there might be other things/other methods for addressing these services but this is as per the drivers handbook, feedback welcome!! Items covered: 0:05:04 – Gearbox oil level check 0:06:46 – Differential oil level check 0:11:02 – Engine oil and filter change 0:19:16 – Lubrication miscellaneous 0:21:10 – Greasing front suspension and driveshaft (spoiler my grease gun breaks and i can’t complete this!) 0:22:58 – Things I should have done but didn’t for whatever reason, hope to cover in future episodes!

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