Maserati GranTurismo

In my opinion the Maserati brand is representative of some of the finest cars in history.  With superb racing heritage on the edge of memory the name has a lot to live up to in modern times.  Exotic sounding though the name is it has definitely crossed into the mass market meaning iffy build quality can no longer be forgiven in favour of exclusivity.  Unfortunately the Maseratis of late have often been fantastic to look at and have fantastic performance momentarily but are extremely fragile.  This forces the value to plummet and they are snapped up by people who may not necessarily have the funds to maintain them.  This is a real shame since many of these future classics are destined for scrap heaps or dodgy used car lots.  Thankfully the GranTurismo promises a different future.  The styling takes a while to get used to but the purposeful stance and subtle blend of curves and straight lines will attract many admiring looks.  The build quality is a massive improvement over the older models but it still retains the wonderfully extravagant interior which is fantastic.  Although sporty, the drive is not purely focused on performance which suits the Maserati’s ethos, the GranTurismo, as the name implies, is a very capable, long legged, cruiser with a comfortable ride and rich performance.  It may not sparkle like a Ferrari but it oozes style and you’ll be able to drive it every day.

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