Movie Moments – Grand Prix (1966) Monaco GP

I love this film, not because of the flakey storyline or the dodgy cameo from Graham Hill and his contemporaries rather its the camera work during the races which is most enthralling. The film was shot in Super Panavision 70 film which provides super-wide-screen footage, this was shown on special screens using three projectors. The footage from on board the cars racing at high speed and sixties Monte Carlo as a backdrop the combination must have been perfect for cinema goers at the time. The scene opens with a montage of race preparation and cinematic effects to show several shots concurrently, once the race begins the camera work is awesome at conveying the excitement and terror of being a GP driver in the sixties, the narration is a little cheesy but suits the tone of the film and gives an insight into what the racing drivers had to endure both on and off the track, definitely worth a watch.

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