MGB GT – East Sussex Coast

I take my MGB GT on a jaunt to the East Sussex Coast during a break in the weather, I hope you like the footage I managed to get but… two apologies: 1. Car audio had to be binned on account of the exhaust leak making it sound like an old truck 2. The door is ajar on the first shot which looks like I have terrible shut-lines (well… I do but these are probably within original tolerances) The route I took started on Pett Level Road near Rye in East Sussex heading west staying as close to the coast as I could before driving through Hastings and St Leonards on sea. From here I headed inland to bypass Eastbourne before making for Beachy Head. This was the end of the video but I travelled to Lewes after for a spot of lunch with my family all before midday which I thought was pretty good going in the old MG 🤣👍

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