Jaguar XK8 – Optional Extras! Which ones are worth having?

The Jaguar XK8 had a fair few options to choose from when new, when choosing a used one which ones are worth having or paying a premium for? I try to list the ones I think I have on my car and the ones I don’t have and whether any of them are ‘must haves’, let me know if you know any that I’ve missed! I’ve given my own view on these optional extras but I’m interested in hearing yours, let me know in the comments which ones you like and which you could live without. *I mention that its worth getting the 20 inch wheels even if you don’t like them since you can sell them for £££ and buy cheaper smaller ones…. be aware though that if the car has the bigger brembo brakes that smaller ones won’t fit over them potentially so be careful on that one!

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