Bora Bora (Maserati Bora)

A classic of seventies Giorgetto Giugiaro design the Maserati Bora is a fantastic looking mid-engined two seater.  This type of car (in terms of engine layout) is usually associated with hardcore drivers’ machines which are uncompromising and often unbearable to live with.  Not so with the Bora, this was possibly one of the first easy-going supercars with plenty of luxury equipment including electric windows, tailored steering column rake and reach, adjustable pedal box and air-conditioning.  The Bora was practical too with a large front storage area and a carpeted rear engine cover which can be used for storage or for keeping a pizza warm on the way back from the take-away!  Another nice touch is the satin finished stainless steel roof and ‘A’ pillars, this is certainly a very refined supercar indeed!  All this refinement impacts the performance somewhat but who cares when the rest of the package is so complete.  50k buys a nice one, 65k plus for pristine examples.

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