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The good, the bad and the Audi

I’m not saying the Audi A5 is ugly, by doing so I would be giving it a distinguishing feature. I’m afraid it’s much worse than that; I don’t think the Audi A5 has any character. Now, don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading

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DB or not DB? (Aston Martin DB7)

The Aston Martin DB7 was no doubt a great looking car and the sales figures during it’s production run from 1994 to 2003 show that it was commercially successful. However, built on the old XJS platform meant it was never as good … Continue reading

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Jaguar XJS

When the XJ-S launched in 1975 it was a stark contrast to the E-type that preceded it. It’s modern design with flying buttresses at the rear were controversial and the character of the car was more refined, a grand tourer … Continue reading

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Almost Triumph(ant) (Triumph GT6)

I’m a big fan of MG and in particular the MGB GT. This is odd since it was fairly underpowered, mechanically antiquated and towards the end of its life largely ruined by British Leyland. But I’m not the only one, … Continue reading

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